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At Blue Logic Solutions, we dedicate ourselves to helping you expand your IT knowledge and better understand the various IT solutions we implement for your business. In an effort to be your go-to IT resource center, we compiled some of our favorite educational videos and blogs below. If there’s a topic you’d like to learn more about, please let us know, and we’d be happy to write a blog about it in the future!

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What are Managed IT Services?

Every company uses computers to run their business operations. These computers rely on network connectivity data sharing, data backup solutions, security tools, etc. Just like your automobile needs regular maintenance and upgrades to keep it running optimally, your IT systems require the same attention. One method of managing IT systems is to wait for something to fail, then respond with a repair.

This reactive approach typically means downtime, which isn’t good for business. Blue Logic Solutions uses monitoring and management software to manage your business’ IT. Our proactive tools help us monitor critical services and systems health, manage system alerts, and many times respond with auto-remediation actions to prevent downtime.

How much does Managed IT Services cost?

The cost of maintaining your IT systems on a reactionary basis can fluctuate dramatically from month to month. Some months, IT systems work great with minimal issues to address. Other months can demand computer or software upgrades, application problems, networking outages, or virus infections. Adding and removing employees’ access to your IT systems takes time to set up or reconfigure. We do not believe in providing a reactionary approach.

Having a strong relationship with a Managed IT Service provider gives you peace of mind knowing you have fixed IT costs. In addition, working with a Managed IT Service provider that sincerely cares about your business and provides integrity-based solutions ensures that your IT needs are addressed quickly with your business’s best interest in mind. Ultimately, the cost depends on several factors. Most smaller companies have at least one dedicated server, several workstations, several networking devices, a network switch, a firewall, a wireless network, and a data backup solution. On the other hand, larger companies will usually have several servers, a myriad of workstations, and several of each type of network device listed above. The typical range per endpoint ranges from $120.00 per endpoint to potentially over $150.00 per endpoint. This price includes support for servers, workstations, networks, and backup solutions along with a cybersecurity package for all endpoints.

What happens if I need IT support?
Blue Logic Solutions is ALWAYS available to help you. We are available by email, text, and phone to support and address your IT needs. Email is the fastest way to submit information and allows us to handle your request quickly. Email also allows you to provide us with screenshots and any other helpful details so we can better understand your IT issue. We also have a robust ticketing system that enters your IT support request and tracks your progress from beginning to end.
Do we need Managed IT Services if we're a small company?
If your Colorado Springs or Pueblo business relies on IT systems to function, then you should consider Managed IT Services. If downtime or an outage would be painful and costly to your business, then you need the tools and support that a Managed IT Service gives you.
What security measures do you take to protect our company?

We manage your total IT infrastructure, from servers to workstations to network architecture. We manage network access, communication methods, and user-level data access. We deploy several cybersecurity solutions to your environment for the detection and protection of your data and IT systems. This is the core of managing and caring for your IT infrastructure. Our 24/7 monitoring solutions help to ensure that you are operating securely with safeguards in place. We ensure that your data stays secure, protected, and backed up at all times.

How often do you come on-site for IT?
In general, the fastest way to provide IT assistance and support to you is to assist you remotely. Our remote access tools offer secure access to your environment 24/7. If, however, there is an issue that we cannot work on remotely, we will come on-site and provide the support you need. We believe in building and maintaining a strong working relationship with our clients. This means we will visit our clients on-site to discuss their business’ health, review current or upcoming projects, and provide reporting on their IT systems. Additionally, we proactively discuss ways to improve productivity and look for ways to optimize your IT systems.
What is the "Onboarding" process?
When we launch a relationship with a new client, we review everything, from their hardware to software. This includes age, reliability, and supportability. We also document all of your systems. We will install small software agents on your servers and workstations to monitor and manage your IT systems. These agents report to our database to inform us of the health status of your IT systems and perform maintenance tasks on a scheduled basis to keep your systems running smoothly. If necessary, we will build a plan to help your IT systems become healthy and reliable.
What kind of training do you provide clients?
With our breadth of experience in a wide range of software and applications, we can help you with questions about most software and applications. In addition, we love helping our clients and doing anything it takes to aid your success. So, if we can make your job easier or help you find a way to increase efficiency, we will!
IT Learning Center

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